Redefining Farewells: Unveiling Changing Trends in Funerals

The landscape of funerals is evolving, and traditional norms are making way for a more personalised and diverse approach. At Birrell Corrance Funeral Directors we cover Glasgow and surrounding areas and we are witnessing a shift in preferences, challenging the conventional notions of what a funeral should be.

Exploring the Shift in Traditions

What Defines a Traditional Funeral? The definition of a traditional funeral is undergoing a transformation. In our quest to understand these changes, we’ve reviewed insights from the UK’s largest funeral trends report recently.

Celebration of Life: Only one in ten people now opt for a traditional religious funeral. Our funeral directors, reflecting on their experiences, note that requests for non-religious funerals have seen a significant increase. The “celebration of life” has become almost as important as the funeral service itself, believing that wakes will gain prominence in the future.

Minimalistic Approach: A notable trend is the rise of a more minimalistic approach, with more poeple expressing a desire for no fuss. This trend is reflected in the popularity of a direct cremation option.

Evolution in Cremation Practices

Cremation Prevails: Cremation remains the preferred choice, However, what has evolved is the handling of ashes. Requests for creating memorial jewellery have surged with rings, paperweights, and necklace pendants being the most sought-after choices.

Expanding Funeral Locations

Beyond Tradition: Traditional religious funerals are on the decline, and alternative funeral locations are gaining traction. Many people are still unaware that funerals could take place at locations beyond the traditional setting.

Pets: Integral to Final Journeys

Furry Companions: One of the most intriguing trends is the increasing presence of pets at funerals. A significant increase in having pets to lead the hearse, attend the service, or join the wake. Recognising the profound role pets play in our lives, their inclusion in the farewell journey is becoming a meaningful and cherished aspect.

At Birrell Corrance Funeral Directors in Glasgow, we are committed to understanding and accommodating the evolving needs and desires surrounding funerals. Embracing change, we stand ready to provide compassionate and personalised services tailored to each unique journey.

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