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Our Funeral Services

If you're looking to give your loved one a last journey in style, then give Birrell Corrance Funeral Directors chance to impress you are based in Glasgow and offer the following funeral services as part of your loved one's final farewell.

Horse Drawn

An exquisite way to say good-bye. Should you require a funeral with a little more elegance and style, a horse drawn hearse can provide that extra touch of distinction, to any procession. The detail and presentation is of the highest quality.

Aad & Bink

Are a beautiful matching pair of Friesians which were bought from Holland 2 years ago. They are 10 years old and are half-brothers. They were specially chosen for this job. They have a fantastic temperament and are a pleasure to work with.

horse drawn

Birrell Corrance Fleet

Birrell Corrance have a reputation built on providing the very best in care and attention to detail for your loved one at a time when only the best will do. For this reason we use only the most prestigious hearses. 

Birrell Corrance would like to present their Norwood hearse, Rosedale and Dorchester limousines built by Coleman Milne. Each limousine is able to carry up to six people in the back, with one extra space in the front if necessary, totaling 7 passengers.

If you're looking for something a bit different, we also offer a "Last Journey in Style" service, in which your loved one's final journey is taken in a vintage hearse.
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With such a wide range of funeral services, Birrell Corrance Funeral Directors will be able to cater for your loved one's needs. 

Call 0141 771 4800 or 0141 237 4770

Repatriation Service

We are an independent family owned company specialising in the repatriation of deceased persons. Over the years we have built an enviable reputation for reliability, reasonable costs and fast response.

Based in East end Glasgow in the West of Scotland we are conveniently situated for all transport links to mainland UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Via our associates in London, Holland, Czech Republic, France and USA we can arrange repatriation to or from any country in the world.

Our service include:-

• Arranging all necessary documentation.
• Registering the death in Scotland (where no relatives are available).
• The payment of all fees.
• Embalming.
• Supply of coffins.
• Delivery from hospital or mortuary directly to funeral directors premises.
• Liaising with funeral directors and/or authorities on your behalf.
• Cremation in Scotland and delivery of cremated remains. 
• Arranging flights and sea crossings.
• Burial of cremated remains.
• Arranging memorisation.
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We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for help and advice. We will provide you with a full no obligation estimate and once all the information is provided a firm quotation before any commitment by you.

We will normally make all arrangements with funeral directors however we can arrange directly with the family if preferred.

For more information on how we can help you please call Robert 0141 771 4800
piper service

Piper Service

If you want to add tradition to your service, Birrell Corrance Funeral Directors offer a traditional Scottish piper service for those that have a strong patriotic connection to the land. The piper service includes: 

• Full Highland uniform is worn to all services.

• Reliable piper, with many years' experience in providing a personal and professional service.

• Extensive collection of traditional and modern music.

Facilities Available

Both of Birrell Corrance Funeral Directors locations offer the following facilities:

• Chapel of rest
• A very well appointed service room is available to our clients
 Arranging room
chapel of rest
a man holding ash

Ashes into Glass

Cremation ashes and crystal glass.

Keep your love one close to you always. Master Craftsmen, Bill Rhodes and James Watts create memorial jewellery and paperweights by mixing your loved one's cremation ashes with molten crystal glass and coloured crystals. Your Ashes into Glass memorial will be as precious as the memory of your loved one.

Eco Friendly Funerals

Our commitment to the environment

We are registered with the local authority, under the Environmental Protection Act to spray wood polish and to comply with their guidance. We have to meet minimum standards to reduce our solvent emissions. To date, we have cut our emissions by more than 70% by using water born polishes. The polishes, when dry, are bio degradable with no harmful effects or emissions if cremated.

The coffins are distributed by road using conventional trucks and vans. We always ensure the journey is required and the vehicle is fully laden. When travelling long distances the vehicles are often “back loaded” for the return journey. Our cars and vans use liquid propane gas this is a much cleaner fuel with less harmful emissions.

To manufacture one coffin takes around 15 units of electricity. 1 unit equals 1000 watts per hour. Electricity generated from fossil fuel would create 385 tonnes of C02 emissions per annum. However, we produce and use our own green biomass generated electricity.

In the last 3 years we have cut our electricity consumption in absolute terms by more than 30%, relatively 45%. 180,000 kwh or units of electric. Or if coal powered electric were used this would add 75 tonnes of CO2 emissions the atmosphere.  

We use wood to manufacture a coffin. Wood is a natural organic product which can be grown in a sustainable way, enhancing our countryside and providing valuable habitat for wildlife and plants. We only use wood from sustainable sources as per friends of the earth good wood guidelines.


The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent, not for profit, non government organisation based in Bonn, Germany. The mission of the council is to support environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests.
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